This Is Where I Leave You.


In the beginning, Blavity used to confuse people. Most were clear on the why, but the what persistently confounded them. In its infancy it defied many of the conventional standards and norms that the media industry operates inside of. It will continue to because that is how it was designed. Take a look around Blavity, Inc. and you’ll see what I mean.

Today marks a new transition for me, as I end my tenure at Blavity as a member of the executive team, and leave the company to pursue some new adventures. I’ve decided to head out the same way I came in: with my voice.

Morgan, Aaron, and Jeff:

A vision of this size and scope always comes with a cost to the holder, no matter how beautiful or remarkable the outcomes can be. Of all the hats I’ve worn at Blavity, seen and unseen, perhaps my favorite is that of historian, keeping close watch over stories about what was, what is, and what will soon be. To share a dream requires you to persist through the nightmares. We won the day we chose to do this together.

To the Blavity team:

If we are talking teams, then you continue to be unmatched. You’ve routinely done the impossible and executed under deadlines that most people can’t understand. What’s more exciting is the fact that this is your floor. There isn’t a ceiling on what you will be doing. I can’t wait to watch you grow into everything you dream about becoming. You’re limitless, and watching you start to fly has been some of my greatest joys. There is nothing that can’t be yours in your careers, but more importantly, your life. There are no conditions on my love for or support of you. We grew at the rate we did because your willingness to dream matched your commitment to work for what you could not see yet. The world is yours.

To our community:

What we do and how we do it -- with clarity, excellence and a fortitude that historically defies logic -- is something to be cherished, celebrated and protected. We are the present, arbiters of the past, and champions of the future. Know this: if we’ve met at an event, spoke on a panel together, dapped, or hugged (depending on your affinity for embracing), bumped into each other in the airport, or any of the countless places and spaces I’ve been over the past few years, THANK YOU.

For the lessons, the critiques, the challenges, the laughs, and the affirmations that breathed new vigor into my spirit, I am better because of it. With you, I’ve felt at home wherever I go, and however I show up. Never stop making space for yourself. You light up everything you touch, including me.

I love us.

Jonathan D Jackson

Blavity Inc