Work forThe Culture


When you work at Blavity, you embody our mission to “connect the world to Black culture through experiences that transcend digital and physical spaces to improve the lives of Black people.”

Join us in bringing the vision that “All Black People are Happy” to fruition by supporting our communities, clients, and partners in finding happiness through the content and experiences we produce.

Own Your Office Environment

Blavity employees work in a fully remote environment from anywhere in the U.S.

This work culture affords our employees the ability to work flexible hours, save money on transportation and meals, improve work-life balance, and reduce their environmental impact.

Kickstart Your Career

As a Blavity employee, you are a contributor to the largest global digital media company for Black Millennials and Gen Z, empowering communities that enable Black people to flourish socially, economically, and politically and to fully access resources and opportunities.


Access Core Benefits

Blavity provides employees with Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-Term/Long-Term Disability, Life, and AD&D benefits.

Take advantage of additional benefits including Health Savings Accounts (HSA), pet insurance, travel assistance, and paid parental leave.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides a wealth of resources including mental health consultations, online assistance with elder and child care, legal assistance, financial coaching, personal coaching, and identity theft resolution.

Plan for your financial future by participating in the 401(K) retirement savings plan.

Become a part owner of Blavity through our Equity Awards Program! Stock options are awarded to full-time employees, attaching a direct benefit to your hard work. As part owner, the value of your equity increases as Blavity's valuation rises.

Enjoy Perks & Rewards

Savor Paid Holidays

Take advantage of 10+ paid holidays per calendar year.

Make the Most of Volunteer Days

Employees receive a paid day off each quarter to pursue their philanthropic passions at a charity of their choosing.

Experience Summer Fridays

Who doesn’t love soaking up the sun and having as much fun as possible during those magic days of Summer? During this season, employees are offered an abbreviated work day 
while being compensated for a full day of work.

Take Advantage of Sabbatical Time

When our employees feel their most renewed and inspired, we find fundamental alignment with our core values and an enhanced ability to achieve our collective goals and mission. Eligible employees may take a Sabbatical to pursue personal, creative, and/or educational ventures.

Embrace Flextime

We believe in empowering employees to own their work schedule. Flextime permits employees to choose their starting and end times while making themselves available to collaborate during core business hours.

Live the Brand

As an employee of Blavity, you can look forward to free access to the annual AfroTech Conference, brand activations, employee-centric events, and on-trend swag including an exclusive Blavity Fam Welcome Box!

Upgrade Your Home Office

New employees are eligible for reimbursement to equip their home office to meet the unique needs of their remote work environment. 

Personify the Core Values

These four Core Values are the foundation of Blavity’s culture and identity and set the tone for our interactions with each other, partners, and clients:


Love of the Community 

We are committed to supporting and uplifting Black culture and creating an inclusive workplace where all individuals are valued and supported. We actively seek out opportunities to partner with minority-owned businesses and support Black-led initiatives.


Transparency and Communication 

We are dedicated to creating a culture of transparency and communication that builds trust and fosters accountability, and we encourage open and constructive dialogue at all levels of the organization. 


Collective Responsibility

By taking collective responsibility, we create a culture of accountability where each individual is empowered to take ownership of their work and to contribute to the success of the team. 


Fail Fast

We test our ideas quickly and without fear of failure, so that every misstep is a learning opportunity. By failing fast, we are able to course correct quickly and achieve our goals of innovation and growth more efficiently.

Q2 Core Value Awardees

Ronke Bolutayo

Collective Responsibility

Ronke is always a reliable resource and partner. When consulted, she displays a sense of shared responsibility for the outcome of tasks and initiatives, for problem-solving, and protecting the company. Ronke is also proactive in flagging areas of concern from a compliance perspective — with a focus on collaboration and partnership. She is very thorough in her work and quick to provide clear and relevant guidance. Ronke has helped tighten up processes that better-position Blavity to be a compliant and well-operated company. It has been a pleasure working with her, as she is an invaluable contributor to our team's success!

Emily Anderson

Fail Fast

When we found out we didn’t qualify to promote a brand through an approved affiliate partner, Emily acted quickly with transparency to communicate with the affiliate platform and alert editorial. After she took over content curation and emails, she found a way to navigate the process and obtain assets by herself for a client contracted banner ad without the benefit of a staff member familiar with this task. Through identifying opportunities to cross-promote content between brands and inactive lists, she has been able to grow several brands/ list sizes in a short period of time — by over 100K subscribers.

Lauren Temple

Love of the Community

Lauren exudes love and support for the community through her service work and passion for uplifting unheard voices, whether by helping directly, suggesting talented individuals for Blavity projects, or educating colleagues on trends and news. She is empathetic to those around her and moves with full force to reach objectives, making sure everyone feels heard and supported. Lauren is passionate and persistent about the things she cares about and yet patient. She has a business of her own and continues to support local businesses around Long Beach and beyond, including her project uplifting the voices of Black and Brown mothers.

Lilian Ogbuefi (Lily)

Transparency and Communication

Lily takes responsibility for her actions and outcomes as well as takes the initiative to proactively seek solutions to overcome challenges. She has played a pivotal role in implementing transparent processes and communication channels, so the team feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, concerns, and questions. She also demonstrates pride in her work through her consistent delivery of high-quality results and goes above and beyond, making a positive impact on projects. Lily contributes to the success of the team by actively collaborating. She also provides encouragement, recognition, and support that boost morale and motivate team members to excel.

Connect with is a racial equity and social impact firm created by the founders of Blavity Inc. funds Black entrepreneurs through fellowships and grants, provides free technology, tools, and training, and develops fellows through mentorship and networking.

By contributing to the mission of, you can combine professional skills with personal values to make a positive impact by engaging in meaningful work and enhancing your professional networks.

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