AfroTech Future 50 Recognizes Black Changemakers Shaping Tech

Headshots of the honorary AfroTech Future 50 recipients

AfroTech, the leading platform dedicated to amplifying Black voices and stories in the tech industry, proudly introduces the AfroTech Future 50—an annual list celebrating the most influential Black changemakers shaping the future of technology. Established in 2022, this initiative aims to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions across various sectors, including investors, future makers, founders, and corporate catalysts.

The Honorary Future 50

Five prominent figures who innovate and inspire in their respective fields are at the forefront of this year’s Future 50 list. Leading the honorary Future 50 list is the multifaceted musician, producer, and entrepreneur Renowned for his advocacy for STEM education and diversity in the tech industry, founded, a technology company focused on creating wearable devices and AI-powered products. His inclusion in the honorary Future 50 underscores the importance of diversity and innovation in driving technological advancements.

Joining are four additional esteemed individuals, including Charles Hudson, the managing partner and founder of Precursor Ventures; Tope Awotona, the CEO and founder of Calendly; Lanny Smoot, a former Disney Imagineer and inventor, and Thasunda Brown Duckett, the president and CEO of TIAA. Together, these honorees serve as archetypes for the dynamic investor, future maker, visionary founder, changemaker, and corporate catalyst, inspiring the next generation of Black leaders in tech.

How to Nominate a Changemaker

We encourage you to apply or nominate a changemaker for consideration for our 2024 AfroTech Future 50 list. A panel of esteemed judges will review submissions. The final Future 50 list will be selected based on stringent criteria, all led by an individual’s impact on the tech industry. Meanwhile, candidates can either submit their own applications or have someone else submit them on their behalf. 

The AfroTech Future 50 list celebrates individual accomplishments and catalyzes change and innovation in the tech industry. By honoring the most influential Black changemakers, AfroTech inspires and empowers future generations to pursue careers in technology and drive positive change on a global scale.

For more information on how to apply or nominate someone for the AfroTech Future 50 list, please visit here. The form closes on May 1, 2024. Join us in celebrating Black changemakers in tech and shaping the future of innovation together.