TikTok’s Impact on Artistic Expression

A multicultural TikTok influencer dressed in bright purple jacket and bright orange floral print pants showcasing a cultural trend

With fleeting attention spans and rapid cultural shifts, TikTok has emerged as a revolutionary platform for artistic expression and cultural influence, particularly among Gen Z consumers. From visual artists to musicians, dancers, and comedians, creators from diverse backgrounds have found a global stage on TikTok leading a democratization of the art world like never before. 

Below, we explore how TikTok has reshaped artistic expression for underrepresented communities while driving cultural trends across fashion, dance, and beauty/wellness. We’ll also shine a spotlight on the influential role of multicultural influencers in setting the pace for mainstream media.

In a hurry? Here are the main points:

  • TikTok has democratized artistic expression, providing creators from diverse backgrounds with a global platform to showcase their talents and reach a vast audience.
  • Understanding and leveraging micro-moments, is essential for capturing Gen Z’s attention and driving impactful interactions.
  • Multicultural influencers, particularly Black and Brown creatives, are pioneers of cultural trends on TikTok, influencing mainstream media across entertainment in key pop culture areas.
  • For businesses, embracing TikTok’s influence on cultural trends has proven to keep brands relevant and able to engage with diverse audiences. Resulting in opportunities to reach new markets, drive brand awareness, and foster authentic connections with consumers.

TikTok’s soaring rise to prominence has democratized the art world. The platform provides artists with an accessible space to showcase their talents to a global audience. From visual artists and musicians to dancers and comedians, creators from diverse backgrounds have found their home on TikTok. To them, this is where creativity knows no bounds.

The TikTok Phenomenon

Gen Z has grown up in an era of instant gratification, shaping their expectations for rapid, impactful interactions. Micro-moments, characterized by quick device usage to satisfy immediate needs or desires, are second nature. Understanding how to deliver content that resonates within these brief but intense micro-moments is key to capturing Gen Z’s attention.

As per Forbes, TikTok boasts over a billion users engaging in various activities, from singing and dancing to shopping. In 2023, the app surged to 1.92 billion users, marking a 16% growth from the previous year, and is projected to hit 2 billion by 2024’s end. TikTok also contributed $24.2B to the US economy in 2023. Given this immense reach and economic impact, mastering TikTok could be beneficial if your goal is to stay ahead in today’s market.

Driving Cultural Trends

One of TikTok’s most notable features is its ability to amplify the voices of multicultural influencers, particularly Black and Brown creatives. They are the ones who are pioneering cultural trends across entertainment realms. 

According to a recent Nielsen report, Black creators demonstrate significantly higher levels of impact and influence compared to their non-Black counterparts. However, their compensation falls short of market norms by up to 35%. 

As you seek to leverage the influential power of Black creators, it becomes imperative to ensure fair compensation aligns with their substantial impact. Recognizing their ability to drive awareness and consideration can further incentivize equitable partnerships and level the playing field.

Viral Moments: The Power of Black Creatives

If you pause to consider some of TikTok’s most culturally relevant trends, you’ll observe that many have been sparked by Black creatives. And all resonated deeply within pop culture. Unfortunately, these creators often go uncredited, with attention diverted to their non-BIPOC counterparts.

Reviewing standout TikTok moments, from dance challenges like the viral “Renegade” choreography, pioneered by Black content creator Jalaih Harmon, to trendy beauty tutorials by creators like Miss Evelyn, showcasing innovative hair and makeup techniques, these instances emphasize the cultural impact of TikTok’s diverse creator community.

A multicultural influencer stands in front of a ring light taking part in the cultural trend of conducting a makeup tutorial.

Leveraging TikTok Trends

When aiming to engage the Gen Z audience, you must understand TikTok’s influence on cultural trends. This is essential for staying relevant and engaging with diverse audiences. Equally, staying attuned to the platform’s most impactful trends is also important when aiming to maintain relevance and connect with your audience authentically.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few of the viral trends making rounds on TikTok in 2024:

  • Eco-friendly fashion hauls
  • DIY home decor transformations
  • Mental health check-in videos
  • Retro-inspired makeup tutorials
  • Interactive storytelling series
  • ASMR cooking sessions
  • Nostalgic throwback dance challenges

Leverage TikTok’s vibrant creative community and collaborate with multicultural influencers to tap into one of the trends above. You may choose to work with a creative to build a trend from the ground up. Whatever path you choose, when partnering with a creative, you can effectively reach new markets, drive brand awareness, and authentically connect with consumers. 

Moreover, these influencers are attuned to the platform’s trends. Meaning they can provide even more in depth valuable insights and help businesses tailor their content for maximum impact.

The Future of Artistic Expression

Ultimately, TikTok’s impact on artistic expression and cultural trends cannot be overstated. By embracing the platform’s creative potential and championing diversity and inclusion, businesses can position themselves at the forefront of cultural movements. Furthermore, driving meaningful connections with their audience.

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