Blavity Inc. Celebrates CEO Morgan DeBaun’s Prestigious AAF Advertising Hall of Achievement Induction

Advertising Hall of Achievement Class of 2023

While announcing our place on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, we have even more to celebrate. Our very own Founder and CEO, Morgan DeBaun, is getting inducted into AAF’s Advertising Hall of Achievement (AHOA) as part of the class of 2023. This award is a considerable achievement for Morgan and all of us at Blavity Inc. It shines a spotlight on the empowering and entrepreneurial spirit that defines our company.

Guided by Morgan’s inspiring leadership, Blavity Inc. has become a dynamic hub for transforming the advertising landscape. Our platforms drive conversations that uplift multicultural voices, and Morgan’s AHOA induction magnifies our pledge to diverse storytelling and embodies a heartfelt celebration of narratives that mainstream media frequently ignores.

Her steadfast dedication to authentic representation has always made our Founder & CEO stand out. It’s not just a lofty goal; it’s the beating heart of every venture Morgan drives at Blavity Inc. Our vibrant community filled with passionate readers, creators, and partners all played a part in achieving this incredible milestone. This recognition magnifies the diverse yet harmonious voices that weave our story together.

As Morgan assumes her place among the AHOA’s remarkable inductees, we celebrate the transformative influence that Blavity Inc. wields within the advertising industry. The forthcoming induction ceremony marks an exciting milestone, resonating with significance for our company and the expansive world of inclusive advertising. It is a poignant reminder of our commitment to equitable storytelling and empowerment.

Our work through Blavity Inc. helps reshape perspectives, inspire dialogues, and usher in change. Morgan’s mark on the industry remains a radiant beacon as our company grows, highlighting the value of authentic storytelling. This achievement is a profound reminder that through our collective efforts, led by a leader with incredible vision, we’ve been able to celebrate diverse voices and foster a world of inclusion.

Finally, to our incredible community of supporters, we want to echo our heartfelt love and appreciation for your steadfast backing. Your unwavering support has paved the way for these remarkable milestones, and words simply can’t capture the depth of our gratitude.

Our journey is a shared one. Together, we’ve reached remarkable heights, and this is just the beginning. With Morgan’s induction into the AAF Advertising Hall of Achievement, we stand united in our commitment to uplift diverse narratives, redefine industry standards, and continue making a meaningful impact. From all of us at Blavity Inc., thank you for being a part of this incredible story.